Eastern Waste Disposal Ltd have operated a licensed waste transfer station at the Morses Lane site for over 10 years and have recently completed a total refurbishment of the facility. This project has taken place over the past 12 Months during which we have installed a new, "state of the art" waste transfer station, including shredding and baling machines. This represents a significant investment and is further evidence of our continued commitment to maximising recycling and minimising landfill. This new facility enables us to separate the waste into distinct categories and then shred and bale paper, cardboard and plastics for ease of handling, storage and transportation. Recyclables are subsequently taken to UK recycling centres for onward transportation to paper mills, plastic recyclers etc.

Waste is received into the undercover facility in many varied forms, from both domestic and commercial customers as well as our own skip and roll on/roll off vehicles. We also receive and process all household recyclables for the Tendring area.

Waste material is then loaded into the trommell machine which provides a mechanised and controlled method of elevating the waste and presenting it to the picking station.
The trommell presents the waste materials to the picking station. This is manned by a team of waste sorters who separate and segregate the material, ensuring it is channelled to the correct containers.
The segregated materials, pass through to storage locations beneath the picking station.
Once segregated, paper, cardboard and plastic materials are shredded and baled.
Concrete and soil based waste is processed, recycled and prepared for reuse using our own specialist equipment.
The baled recyclables are then loaded and shipped to various recycling locations in the Uk, where they are reprocessed and recycled.
Eastern Waste Disposal Ltd currently operate seven bulk trailers for transporting recyclables and waste materials. These units are also available for hire, please contact us for details.

Asbestos cannot be accepted at the transfer station but we regularly move it to licensed disposal sites, completing all necessary paperwork. Please contact 01206 307070 for advice or assistance with this hazardous waste.

It is important to note that before we can move asbestos, customers must obtain a registration number from The Environment Agency by telephone : 08708 502808 or via their website.